Sirius Electronics Ltd. was established in 1994 as a high–end audio company that provided different solutions for in-home entertainment. Today, Sirius Electronics is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of in-home theater systems as well as other consumer electronics and accessories. In addition, Sirius has become an exclusive representative of several globally-recognized brands.


The company’s founders, Avraham Tzemach and engineer Dror Twito, envisioned Sirius as a leading provider of all things electronic. Their focus and dedication to bringing in quality products helped mold Sirius into a nationally- recognized source of quality consumer electronics.


Sirius Corporate Headquarters is located in Or Yehuda and boasts a 3500 Sq meter building which was erected in 2008. Occupying the mezzanine floor is Sirius Electronics Flag Ship location which contains two sound rooms and several hundred speaker systems. The top floor of the building houses the executive offices and boardroom.

Sirius Electronics, now celebrating its 20th year in business, delivers professional A/V solutions for your home & office as well as commercial audio solutions for buildings, shopping centers, and more. In addition, Sirius has expanded its categories to offer a wide variety of mobile accessories such as headphones, chargers, car mounts, cases, screen protectors, power banks and a large variety of over 30 different types of cables, providing retailers and distributors alike a reliable source of all their electronic needs under one roof.



Sirius uses a comprehensive marketing strategy that combines B2B & B2C sales, sales to labor unions and e-commerce sites all over the nation.

Over the years, Sirius has enjoyed continuous growth and this is due to the expert leadership of its founders and strict dedication of its more than 60 employees.

Sirius is proud to announce that construction of its brand new state of the art 5400 Sq meter logistics center is almost complete. Strategically located in the center of the country, Sirius will be able to provide better service and quicker order-processing times to its more than 1,000 points of sale around the country.


Sirius Electronics understands the importance of customer service. Sirius is pleased to employ a team of knowledgeable customer service agents that are waiting to grant complete satisfaction and peace of mind with every purchase. Sirius makes sure to stock spare parts, spare units and professional technicians are always ready to provide additional solutions in real time.

Lastly, the company operates a special service center intended for architects and professional installers of home theater and multimedia systems.

Sirius Electronics' sales representatives undergo comprehensive training at the company's national training center, in order to provide our customers professional service and consultation at the highest level.

Among our clients are many large chain stores (such as Machsaney-Hashmal, Office Depot, Shekem-Electrics, Big-Box, Tzeimatzky Book Stores, Bezeq-Stores, Shufersal, Best Buy, Electro Kubi, Hipper-Rozenfeld, BUG Duty Free and more) as well as custom shops and high-end specialty stores.

Sirius Electronics is certified by ISO 9001























Sirius Electronics delivering quality for over 20 years!

Sirius Electronics, Ltd.
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